Singapore's former NLB manager faces 56 charges for taking more than S$595,000 as token of bribe

Singapore scam
Man involved in bribe case (Representational picture) Pixabay

A former manager at the National Library Board (NLB) faced 56 charges on Monday after he allegedly took a total of S$595,230 in bribes from the director of a company.

As reported the 48-year-old accused Ivan Koh Siong Wee took the bribe from the 49-year-old, director of Database Resource Services, Low Pok Woen between 2005 and 2009 to advance Low's business interests with NLB. The director also was also faced the same count of charges.

While during the court hearing prosecution asked for court bail of S$100,000 for each of them, the defence argued and sought for a lower amount. Later, the judge set a bail of S$80,000 for each. But, but both of them have to attend the next court hearing, which will take place next month.

The country is known for its clean records in bribery-related cases, as early research materials stated that this is one of the least corrupt countries in the world. As Singapore's corruption control system is highly active, bribery offences are governed under the Prevention of Corruption Act, which stated that any person found guilty of an offence by this law shall be liable on conviction to a fine or to imprisonment, or to both.

In also added, "Where a corrupt offender is convicted of an offence for accepting any gratification, and if the value of such gratification is assessable, under section 13 of the PCA, the Court shall also order him to pay a penalty equivalent to the number of bribes he received."