Singaporean skydiver Kyra Poh triumphs at FAI World Indoor Skydiving Championship

Kyra Poh performed in 2017 Wind Games at Spain and Australian Indoor Skydiving Championships.

Indoor skydivers 10-year-old Kyra Poh and 11-year-old Choo Yi Xuan
Indoor skydivers 10-year-old Kyra Poh and 11-year-old Choo Yi Xuan Reuters

A Singaporean youngster Kyra Poh has claimed a gold medal in the in the junior freestyle category at 2017 Federation Aeronautique International (FAI) World Indoor Skydiving Championship in Laval, Canada.

Although the indoor skydiving is a new sport for many people, the 14-year-old is the defending champion in this category and proved her dominance on 22 October, Sunday once again after receiving the gold medal.

On 15 October 2016 Kyra performed for the World Championships in Poland, where she defeated other contenders such as the American Kaleigh Wittenberg, Poland's Andrzej Soltyk and Aleksandra Soltyk and achieved the title.

While Kyra scored 64.1 points after the final round, Kaleigh had to satisfy with a silver medal because of 0.9 points' difference from the champion.

In Canada along with Kyra, her compatriot Choo Yi Xuan won a silver medal in the dynamic two-way artistic category. Both are known representatives of Team Firefly and they are the Youth Ambassadors of iFLY Singapore.

Kyra and the 16-year-old Choo were the only female pair who competed in the open category along with other 22 teams. In 2016, both finished in the fourth position.

However, the FAI World Indoor Skydiving Championship has some basic rules. Usually, events are judged on the basis of speed, artistic merit and the routine performance of freestyle category with a musical coordination.

Earlier this year Kyra achieved two gold medals in 2017 Wind Games at Spain. Later in August, she claimed four gold medals at the Australian Indoor Skydiving Championship.

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