Singaporean blogger Amos Yee receives death threats following paedophilia comments

Following his video which glorified paedophiles, Amos Yee has now received death threats from people in the US

Blogger Amos Yee arrested again
Amos Yee Reuters

Amos Yee, the Singaporean blogger who is now in the US has started receiving death threats after he posted a video on YouTube which glorified paedophiles. As expected, Amos Yee's video which titled 'Paedophilia is alright' did not go well with the US audiences, and it literally ended up testing the borders of free speech rights in the country. As modern-day citizens in the US are very intolerant towards politically incorrect speech, many of the country's citizens have started lashing out against the 18-year-old Singaporean.

Many people have threatened Amos Yee under the comments section of the YouTube video he posted. One YouTube user posted that paedophiles and people who support them should be dealt with bullets.

Another user called him 'creepy little Jackie Chan' and added that shooting paedophiles should be made legal in the country. Following his paedophilic videos, people have also started calling Amos Yee, a paedophile.

Three controversial videos sparking fury among US audiences

As of now, Amos Yee has posted three videos based on paedophilia. In the first video, Amos Yee asked people not to discriminate paedophiles, as they are also the part of this society. In the second video titled 'Why Paedophilia is Alright', Amos loudly proclaimed that paedophilia is alright if there is mutual consent between the people who are engaging in sexual activities.

In the video, he even justified the example of a 10-year-old boy engaging in sexual encounters with a 30-year-old man with mutual consent.

Amos Yee also directly glorified paedophiles stating that these people are harmless, as they have just a non-violent sexual attraction towards children.

As the video titled 'Why paedophilia is alright' went viral, people all over the world started reporting it, and finally, YouTube removed it citing violations of the community guidelines.

Amos Yee is now very active on YouTube after Facebook banned him for violating its terms and conditions.

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