Singapore: Woman hits man with shoe, police called during conflict in Yishun [VIDEO]

Singapore Police Force
Singapore Police Force Reuters

A couple was captured in a video while fighting at the carpark of Block 752, Yishun Street 72 on Saturday morning, May 5 at around 5 am. An anonymous local resident, who witnessed the incident has shot the video.

The man, who took the video of the fight, said he was sleeping when the fight was about to start. But due to the shouting, which was coming from below his block, he woke up at around 5 am and saw that one woman and a man were fighting on the road.

In the captured video, the couple can be seen arguing and tussling with each other. It also showed that the woman in shorts was holding a shoe, which she used to hit the man, who was wearing black trousers and t-shirt.

The video showed the man took the shoe from the woman's hand and tossed it aside and that led her to remove another shoe to hit the man continuously.

The eyewitness told Stomp that after a while the police were informed about the incident. He took a picture when police came to the location. The picture showed that two police officers were speaking to the couple at the scene and the woman was barefooted at that time.

Reports stated that the fight might have taken place due to some relationship issues between the couple. But when police arrived at the location, both have already sorted their problems.