Singapore: Woman on e-scooter suffers serious head injury after car accident

The accident involving the e-scooter and car happened on Friday night at the Serangoon Road.

E-bike accident kills 2 men along West Coast Highway, one injured
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A 41-year-old woman is seriously injured and is admitted to Tan Tock Seng Hospital after her e-scooter hit a car at the Serangoon Road on Friday night. Following the accident, police were alerted and she was rushed to the hospital. The victim has suffered injuries to her right arm and forehead.

A photo from the accident scene was shared on the citizen journalism site, Stomp, and it featured the woman lying on the road, while a silver coloured car was parked beside the road.

Police are now investigating the issue.

Increasing number of e-bike accidents

The number of e-bike accidents is continuously increasing in Singapore. Transport Ministry in the country considers this as a very serious issue, and several initiatives are being taken to reduce the number of fatalities associated with e-bike accidents.

On Friday, Marvin Bay, the State Coroner asked e-bike riders to always drive defensively to avoid accidents. Bay was giving his findings at an inquest into the death of a courier delivery man who was killed on November 18, when his e-bike was hit by a truck.

On October 02, Khaw Boon Wan, the Singapore Transport Minister said in the Parliament that there were 90 reported accidents involving e-bikes and e-scooters in the first half of this year. The accidents resulted in the death of four people, while 90 people got injured.

Unique dangers associated with e-bikes

High power e-bikes are much faster than a regular pedal bicycle, but it is bit slower than a motorcycle. There are various reasons which play their crucial role in the increasing number of e-bike accidents, and the first one among them is applying too much throttle from a dead stop. Luckily, applying too much throttle will not result in serious issues, as it usually happens at a slow speed.

Twisting the throttle without knowing the bike is on is another common cause of e-bike accidents. As the electric bike is very silent, people will not be aware whether it is on or not without checking the key. Front hub motor fork failure and the locking up of bearings during a mid-drive are other common reasons behind e-bike accidents. E-bikes are known as 'Silent Killers' among many, as it produces no silent which may finally result in accidents while overtaking.