Singapore: Westwood Secondary School students counselled for participating in disturbing activities [VIDEO]

Westwood Secondary School students
Westwood Secondary School students Fabrications About Singapore/Facebook

A video that filmed Singapore pupils from Westwood Secondary School showed several disturbing activities such as punching, kicking and throwing chairs at a student sitting in the classroom.

On Sunday, Abdul Harris Sumardi, the principal of Westwood Secondary School said that he knew about the incident that happened on February 9.

According to reports, the school has sent the victim and six secondary level students to a counselling, besides taking required disciplinary actions.

After understanding the seriousness of the incident, Sumardi has talked to the parents of the students and both are working together to make these students learn from the incident.

The video was posted on a Facebook page called Fabrications About Singapore on Thursday, February 15 with a caption, "Is bullying becoming a trend in schools? Is this in Singapore?"

In the video, a student can be seen bullying continuously one of his classmates.

The video showed that two students were throwing chairs at a boy who was seated on a table in a classroom with his mobile phone.

While one boy failed to hit the victim with a chair in the first attempt, the second boy threw the chair and it hit the back of his classmate.

When the victim reacted with shock, the second boy started to slap him. Later the innocent one fell on the ground and then the second boy threw punches and kicked him several times.

As of now, the video has been shared more than 3,580 times and it has received 700 comments.

This is not the first case of a student brawl inside a classroom, as previously students from St. Hilda's Secondary School were captured in a video while fighting inside the school premises. That video was shared on the Must See Singapura News' Facebook page.

This article was first published on February 18, 2018