Singapore: Tree branch falls on car, traps travellers inside

damaged car
Damaged car (Representational picture) Reuters

At Geylang Lorong 17, a tree branch fell on a car and blocked the gates of the vehicle. According to reports, three Singaporean residents were trapped inside the silver Hyundai Elantra on January 27, Saturday evening.

The driver and two other passengers were going towards Sims Avenue when the tree branched landed on the roof of their car and damaged the vehicle at around 6 pm.

A 62-year-old driver, who named himself as Li told Shin Min Daily News on Sunday that he was going home with his 50-year-old friend and her 29-year-old daughter.

He narrated the incident by saying that, though he could not react at the time of the incident, he heard a loud noise while driving and then saw the tree branch has fallen from above on his car and left a dent on the Hyundai Elantra.

After the incident, he also found that both windscreens, front and back, were shattered because of the branch and left shards of glass all over seats.

He also mentioned that even though there were no injuries, the tree blocked the door of the car, which trapped them inside for about 10 minutes.

Li was quite tensed as he was thinking that the car might catch fire after the damage. But somehow all of them managed to get out of the car by using the driver seat window. Some local residents and passers-by also helped them during the situation.

Li said that they were only five minutes away from their destination when the incident happened. He also said that he will apply for the insurance of the vehicle as it was brought only two years ago.