Singapore: Taxi driver jailed for punching a motorcyclist, leaves rider with permanent eye injury

A Taxi Driver
Picture for representation/ Still from A Taxi Driver Korean Film Council

A taxi driver named Mohamed Said Salim has been jailed for six months as he severely hit a motorcyclist that left the rider with a permanent eye injury following a road rage incident in Singapore. The driver pleaded guilty to one charge of voluntarily causing hurt in the State Courts on January 24, 2017.

During the hearing, Mohamed Said Salim admitted to punching the right eye of Elfie Adam Tay, the motorcyclist. As the road rage became worsened, Mohamed also punched Tay's brother Erwin. Elfie Adam Tay suffered a serious cut over his upper eyelid and a fracture in his eye socket.

Details of the incident

The incident associated with the case took place on December 28, 2017, along a car park in Pasir Ris Street 11. Mohamed was driving his taxi out of the car park and at the same time, Elfie Adam Tay was driving his motorcycle into the parking. When Mohamed made a wild turn and encroached on Tay's lane, the motorcyclist was compelled to steer the vehicle to the left of the lane to avoid a collision.

Irked by the incident, Tay asked Mohamed whether he knows how to drive a car. Hearing Tay's words, the driver stepped out of his car and soon a dispute broke out. During the argument, Mohamed Said Salim punched Tay causing severe injury in his eyes. When Erwin tried to help his brother, Mohamed punched him too.

Police soon started the investigation, and Mohamed was nabbed on January 03 after tracing him with the help of his vehicle's registration number.

During the hearing, Rajan Supramaniam, the defense lawyer said that Mohammed has voluntarily compensated the victim, and he is remorseful for his actions. Stating that Mohamed is a first-time offender the defense lawyer asked the court to give him a sentence of four months.

However, the judge agreed with the prosecution's demand and finally gave him four months' imprisonment.