Singapore SMRT trains face three track faults back to back, passengers affected

SMRT said that none of the faults was related to each other and has been taken care of

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An SMRT train leaves a station in Singapore Reuters

Singapore's SMRT Corporation East-West Line suffered yet another fault on 23 December morning – the third in less than 24 hours.

It was reported that on 22 December night, SMRT took to twitter to inform people about the first track fault and said that commuters can expect 15 minutes delay during travelling from Outram Park station to Eunos station towards Pasir Ris station.

Channel News Asia reported that the second fault disrupted train service from Outram Park station to Aljunied station at around 5.33am on Friday morning. The engineer said that it was a traction power fault near Bugis station. "Our engineers managed to rectify the fault before the start of service, and train services began on time," said Ms Margaret Teo, the head of Corporate Marketing and Communications at SMRT Corporation, reported the news website. The service was resumed by 5:43 am.

The third fault, at Eunos station, struck at around 7.14am on Friday. The speed of the train running from Kembangan station to Eunos station was drastically reduced. SMRT said, in a statement, that it was done for passengers' safety. "Our engineers have rectified the fault, and normal train service resumed at 0955hrs," said Teo, as reported. SMRT also told Channel News Asia that the all the three faults were unrelated.

Meanwhile, the corporation also released a news statement saying that they will be extending their train services (North-South, East-West, Circle Lines and Bukit Panjang LRT) passengers on New Year's Eve on Saturday. Selected bus services will also be expanded, the company added.