Singapore: SCDF takes control of fire at Tampines Street 83

At least 3 dead after fire breaks out in high-rise building in Honolulu
Building on fire (Representational picture) Reuters

Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) was alerted about a sudden fire outbreak in a housing board flat at Tampines Street 83 on January 20, Saturday afternoon.

The incident took place at Block 867A at around 5.30pm. According to SCDF, the contents of a bedroom caught on fire as well, provoking and increasing the blaze.

However, the safety authority has taken swift action and controlled the blaze using water jets.

As of now, according to reports, there is no information about any casualty or injured people. The residents of the second floor of the same building were shifted to a safe location before the arrival of the safety officers.

The reason behind the incident is yet to be disclosed as the authority is investigating the situation and searching for injured individuals if any.