Singapore: SBS Transit lorry crashes in Bedok, injured 2 taken to hospital

SBS transit accident
SBS Transit lorry accident (VIDEO) Facebook/ James Tan‎ 

Two men were found injured in after an SBS Transit lorry crashed into a drain in Bedok North Avenue 4 towards Changi South Lane on Wednesday. The police investigation is going on.

The pictures and video of the incident were shared by a Facebook user, ‎James Tan‎ in the social media page called Singapore Road Accident. The footages showed that the lorry was lying on the side of the drain. Part of the railing could be seen in an extremely damaged condition due to the heavy crash.

Reports said that police were alerted to the accident at around 12.27 pm Wednesday. A police spokesperson clarified that when they reached the location they found the 57-year-old driver and a 29-year-old passenger of that involved vehicle in a conscious state. Later, the officials took both of the injured people to Changi General Hospital, located at 2 Simei Street 3, which is almost five minutes away from the accident spot.

However, the Senior Vice President of Corporate Communications at SBS Transit, Tammy Tan has confirmed that those two injured people were taken to hospital for further treatment but the company is participating in the investigating process and quite relieved to know that the accident did not cause any injuries to others.