Singapore ranks lowest in time spent online outside work, Philippines secures top position

The survey reveals Millennials across the region are less online than the older demographics.

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A survey on the "State of the User Experience" by Limelight Networks, a global leader in digital content delivery, has ranked Singapore the lowest in terms of time spent online outside of work compared to other South East Asian nations. Moreover, it was also revealed that Millennials across the region are glued less to the screens than the older demographics.

The Philippines has been ranked at the top as the country which spends most of the time online, outside work, followed by Malaysia. According to the survey, while 47 per cent of Filipinos spends 16 hours or more online a week, 42 per cent Malaysians follow the same trend. The study also revealed that social media is the most dominant activity online, followed closely by watching videos. Some people also choose to read news contents making it the third most popular activity online. Surprisingly, people are least engaged on gaming sites or watching live videos, like sports and events.

Thailand secured the third position with 38 per cent of the population engaged on the internet. The survey also highlighted the fact that mobile phones are the most common device used by the population in this region to stay online. However, Thailand users prefer a desktop computer as a secondary device to smartphones, compared to other South East Asian countries, which prefers laptops.

The "State of the User Experience- South East Asia" report was made based on a survey of 1,600 consumers chosen randomly from Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, and the Philippines, aged18 and over. The report also helps organisations to understand what the customers are looking for in each country rather than a "one-size- fits-all" approach. It is also expected to guide them to prioritise the optimisation of mobile experiences and accelerate website performance to keep visitors engaged as, according to the study, 43% of consumers will often abandon a slow-loading website.