Singapore is preparing 'floating hotels' for foreign workers to curb the spread of the Coronavirus

As 233 confirmed cases were recorded on Sunday alone, which is highest in the country so far, Singapore has traced the spike in numbers of confirmed cases to foreign workers

Rising numbers of confirmed cases of coronavirus in Singapore has become a matter of concern for the government. To keep the spread of the virus under check, Singapore is preparing 'Floating Hotels'.

Currently, Singapore has 2,918 confirmed cases and nine deaths. When compared to other countries, the number looks low, but in fact, Singapore had handled the situation effectively and kept the coronavirus cases under check. Singapore reported 233 new cases on Sunday alone.

But now there is a sudden hike in the numbers of those affected by the coronavirus and the government has traced the source of the rise and found that most cases are coming from foreign workers dorms.

Singapore ready to tackle the second surge of Coronavirus in the country

Singapore Floating hotels
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Singapore is all geared up to check the second surge of COVID-19 in the country and is preparing to quarantine thousands of hundreds of foreign workers in floating hotels typically used by the marine industry. Currently, two floating accommodation facilities have been prepared in a restricted area at Tanjong Pagar Terminal.

Announcing the same, Transport Minister Khaw Boon Wan said, "COVID-19 clusters in foreign workers' dorms is a grave concern. We are making use of floating accommodations commonly used in the marine and off-shore industry. Each facility can hold a few hundred occupants and can be suitably organised to achieve safe distancing. Meals can be prepared off-site and delivered to the cabins to minimise inter-mingling. We have activated this solution. They are now parked in a restricted area in the Tanjong Pagar Terminal, with strict measures in place to limit movement. They are suitable for foreign workers who are well and not working during this circuit breaker period. The public health measures on infection control and personal hygiene are worked out jointly with MOH."

Khaw Boon Wan
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Further, he also said that Singapore chose these floating hotels as a solution as building new ones take time. Thus re-purposing vacant buildings is also a practical solution along with speeding up planned construction facilities, he said.

Healthy foreign workers are sent to quarantine

Floating Hotels
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Explaining the facilities the foreign workers will avail during quarantine time, the minister said that workers can have fresh air at the open-air deck and also can exercise at least an hour per day. They will also be attended by a medical facility in case anyone falls ill.

Currently, healthy foreign workers are being sent to quarantine to make sure they have not contracted the virus and also to keep them safe from those who have already contracted it. Before sending them to these floating hotels for quarantine, workers have to follow rules set in terms of maintaining public health including following social distancing and not mingling with other occupants of the 'hotel.'

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