Singapore: NUS students stripped naked in Siloso Beach, can face serious punishment for illegal act

National University of Singapore will take serious actions against those students, who were involved in public nudity activity.

NUS students
NUS students committed the offensive act in Siloso Beach, Sentosa NUS Facebook page/ Google map

Earlier this month, during an unofficial outing in Sentosa, students of National University of Singapore (NUS) allegedly took their clothes off while playing a game. But, now those students, including some seniors and fresher are under investigation for their inappropriate behaviour.

Reports stated that on June 4 almost 50 NUS students went to visit Siloso Beach, where some of them allegedly stripped naked. Prior to that on June 2 and 3 students participated in Camp Blue Blood, which is an orientation camp organised by Kent Ridge Hall. Later, they received the invitation for the Siloso Beach outing. Those students were also asked to wear something that would identify them as the students of NUS.

During the unofficial outing, students participated in a game, which required eight groups from the orientation camp. They were asked to make the longest line using articles of clothing. While some of the male seniors and freshmen allegedly stripped naked and threw their clothes to the beach after getting into the water, one female participant, who did not want to disclose her identity, told The New Paper that a female senior also tossed her top and inner garments to the beach and covered the chest with her hand. Even though the senior woman's actions shocked many, she was laughing after that incident.

The anonymous female student also added that before the game started all the women were told that they did not have to take off their clothes if they find it uncomfortable but, later they started to feel some pressure from few seniors and freshmen to win the game by providing more clothes.

While some of the female students handled the situation very casually by stripping naked inside the water, many men and women students became uncomfortable after witnessing the situation.

In the country, being naked inside own home while the curtains are not drawn properly, is a criminal offence and in this case criminal lawyer Ravinderpal Singh of Kalco Law mentioned that it was a case of public nudity, which is offensive and could land any convict a fine of $2,000, imprisonment for three months, or both.

Singh said that in terms of the NUS case, the law will be same and would not change because the offence took place inside the water. The University said that they had no idea about the beach activity, which was a part of the unofficial orientation camp.

The NUS spokesperson confirmed that the management will take a serious view on this matter because of the inappropriate behaviour of the students. He also mentioned that the involved students stopped the game when some students behaved inappropriately.

As per the spokesperson, NUS does not condone any behaviour or activity that would affect negatively the dignity of individuals but the institution will take serious action against the offenders.

This is not the first case when Singapore students have come under scrutiny, as they were found involved in sexual chants and re-enactment of a rape during orientation activities in 2016. Later, NUS also receive similar complaints in 2006, 2008 and 2014. But, the NUS authority implemented new orientation structure to avoid such offensive activity by their students. However, the investigation on the recent case is still going on.

This article was first published on June 21, 2018
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