Singapore: Motorcyclist faces jail after his mother's death in Tampines Avenue accident

Every week at least one rider loses his life in Singapore

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Motorcycle accident (Representational Picture)

The 25-year-old motorcyclist named Muzakkir Karim Mustaffa Kamal was sentenced to three weeks of imprisonment after an accident at cross-junction of Tampines Street 34 and caused the death of his mother.

During the trial, he pleaded guilty for neglecting the red signal and hitting a car that caused the death of his 47-year-old mother, Suraiya Abu Bakar. Authorities said that he would not be able to drive any vehicle for four years.

According to reports, Karim's bike rammed into Lee Wenbin's car last year, when it was taking a U-turn from Tampines Avenue 7 to Loyang Avenue. An eyewitness has testified the incident and said that the motorcyclist was in front of the car and wanted to take a right turn towards Tampines Street 34 jumping the red signal.

After the accident, unconscious Karim and his mother were taken to Changi General Hospital, located in Simei. After surgery and intensive care, Karim's mother Suraiya succumbed to her injuries and Karim survived with a left wrist injury.

In the courtroom, Jane Lim, the Deputy Public Prosecutor has urged for a high fine of S$8,000, including a driving ban for five years.

On the other hand, Karim, now serving a sentence for unrelated molestation case, has asked for minimum punishment and assured, that he will never commit any offence again. He also told the legal authority that the accident took place on the birthday of his mother. He took his mother for a ride on the bike, which was a gift from her.

The death rates data in Singapore last year showed that every week at least one bike rider loses his life (40 percent of all traffic fatalities) and Ministry of Home Affairs parliamentary secretary Amrin Amin had asked for adopting safe riding habits, besides compulsorily wearing a helmet.

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