Singapore Man Forces Neighbour's Children to Perform Oral Sex on Him; Offers them Money

A septuagenarian from Singapore has pleaded guilty to four charges of sexually penetrating minors.

An elderly man has pleaded guilty to forcing neighbour's minor children to perform oral sex on him in return for money and cigarettes. The man is said to be 64-years-old and had got his neighbour's minor [13-year-old] son and daughter to watch porn and perform oral sex on him.

The man is reportedly working as a dishwasher and lived alone in a Housing Board flat. He first exploited the boy, then 13, in 2016. He dragged the girl into same act in 2017, when she turned 13. The man has pleaded guilty to four charges of sexually penetrating minors. He is facing a total of 15 charges including exhibiting pornographic content to minors [below 21]. All these will be considered by the judge during sentencing.

Rape and harassment
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The victims were his neighbours and he got to know them through their father. Reports claim that he had visited the children's house a number of times on invitation by their father. The man would share drinks and cigarettes with victim's father.

The boy started visiting the man's flat in 2016 to get cigarettes for his father. As his visits became regular, he once coaxed the boy to smoke and then he made him watch pornographic videos on his laptop. Later, he asked the boy to perform oral sex on him in exchange of $20. He warned the boy against telling anyone about his acts.

The boy continued to do so in exchange of money and cigarettes on a number of occasions in 2016. The boy had told his sister that the man had offered him cigarettes. In 2017, girl visited the man in his flat and asked him for cigarettes.

First, the man is said to have asked her to remove her shirt in exchange of cigarette. Initially she refused to do so, but he repeatedly insisted and got her to do the act and then gave her a cigarette. Later, he squeezed her breasts and forced her to perform oral sex on him. He paid her $50 and warned her against telling anyone about it.

After a few days, he got her to repeat the act and gave her cigarettes and $50. Perhaps this all became possible because the children's father didn't mind it. In fact, the girl made allegations in November 2019 that her father had raped her. The offences of 64-year-old man were discovered during investigations on the girl's rape claims.

Repeat Offender

Prosecutors have submitted psychiatric assessment of the man and told the court that there was risk of him being a repeat offender and demanded an appropriate sentence. Strait Times stated that the man has a history of criminal acts.

He was booked for robbery when he was 15 years old and started sexually harassing victims more than 20 years ago. He was awarded five years of corrective training with six strokes of the cane for molesting a boy and forcing him to perform oral sex in 1999. Currently, if found guilty, he could get up to 20 years of jail term.

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