Singapore: Man charged with stabbing former wife with 18cm-long knife

The prosecution pushed for an adjournment as the courts awaits a medical report on the victim.

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A man was charged in court in Singapore on 13 October for allegedly inflicting fatal wounds to his former wife by stabbing her left palm with a knife.

The culprit later identified as G. Abhilash, stabbed his ex-wife Madam Leong Waikin with an 18 cm long knife. The incident happened at the loading/unloading bay of Block 961 Hougang Avenue 9 at about 10.30am on 12 October.

The Straits Times reported that no plea was taken from Abhilash.

The prosecution pushed for an adjournment as the court awaits a medical report on the victim.

A bail of $20,000 was allowed and the court has set November 3 as the next date for the hearing.

Abhilash already had a case of alleged breaching pending against him. He was accused of breaching a personal protection order, however, the court was not provided with any details about the case.

Moreover, Abhilash also has a personal protection order against Madam Leong, according to reports. If convicted, he could be given up to 15 years of jail statement. He could also be fined and caned, said officials.

Crimes against women seem to be on rise in Singapore. On 4 October, Singapore police arrested two men for taking advantage of an intellectually disabled woman and coaxing her to share nude photos which they uploaded on social media with humiliating comments.

Again, on 8 October, a former school teacher was jailed in the country for pursuing minor girls to send nude photographs and video to him.

The accused, identified as Kuang Liang Yong (47), used fake identities to coax minors to send indecent pictures of themselves to him. On 7 October he was sentenced to 22 months' jail and fined S$500 under the charges for procuring nude photos and stalking his victims.