Singapore to Malaysia: Causeway heavy traffic affecting commuters

Johor MCA sends letter to Singapore consulate expressing concern regarding the traffic congestion.

Pipes carrying water from Malaysia to Singapore run alongside the causeway towards the Woodlands Checkpoint in Singapore
Singapore traffic Reuters

Earlier Singapore's Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) stated that at this time of the year due to the increase in the number of travellers, heavy traffic flow and jams are expected. Recently Johor MCA sent a letter to the Singapore consulate while expressing their concerns regarding the traffic congestion at the Causeway and the Second Link.

The Youth chief of Johor MCA, Ling Tian Soon said that the letter was written in response to overwhelming complaints, which they received from the travellers, especially from the commuters who daily visit Singapore for work.

After delivering the letter to the Singapore consulate, he said, "The congestion has been going on for years. Malaysia and Singapore need to work together to solve the issue as it affects both countries and their citizens."

Ling also added that the letter not only included the concerns, but also some suggestions to ease the travel backlog at the checkpoints on both sides of the Johor Straits.

In addition, Ling said, "Singapore and Malaysia are very dependent on each other in many ways including in economic growth. It is imperative for the two countries to look into this matter objectively and have discourse on ways to improve it."

Even though there are no official statistics on the numbers of the motorists using the Johor Causeway and Second Link, as per some unofficial records, almost 300000 Malaysians, mostly motorcyclists, travel to Singapore daily and almost 100000 of them use the Johor Causeway.

Many travellers also expressed their irritation on online platforms. Many of them have complained about many motorists, who tried to cut the long queues.

On Saturday, the ICA informed the travellers that they are expecting heavy traffic jams and advised them to check One Motoring website before embarking on their journey.