Singapore likely to have more rains in second half of June

According to the weather advisory, short showers are expected in the late morning and afternoon on five to seven days.

The National Environment Agency (NEA) of Singapore said on Thursday it was expecting some more rain and gusty winds in the second half of June.

According to the weather advisory, short showers are expected in late mornings and afternoons on five to seven days as there will be strong convective heating during the day.

Apart from this, the agency also said that there might be widespread thunder showers with occasional gusty winds due to the Sumatra squalls. These are likely to occur in the pre-dawn hours and morning on one to two days.

However, June is likely to have an average rainfall.

The south-west monsoon is likely to set in the first half of the month of June. It is expected to continue for the entire month but on the other hand, light winds will be blowing mainly from the south-east or south-west.

The maximum temperatures might range between 32 deg C and 33 deg C, and reach 34 deg C on a few days.

The highest daily maximum temperature recorded in the last two weeks around the Seletar area was 34.6 deg C.

The National Environment Agency said that in the first half of June, most of Singapore has received above average rainfall, but rainfall for the rest of the month is likely to be near average.