Singapore flight to Paris faces technical issues, takes U-turn for emergency landing

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Singapore Airlines flight Reuters

A Singapore Airlines flight made a u-tern within one hour since the take-off from Changi Airport on Monday morning. As per the reports, the pilots noticed a drop in cabin pressure and informed the air traffic controllers but the reason behind the incident on the Boeing 777-300ER plane is not clear yet.

FlightRadar24, the Swedish internet-based service that shows real-time commercial aircraft flight information on a map, said that the destination of Flight SQ336 was Paris, but when it was over Malaysia and reached to 24,000 feet, the flight turned towards Singapore.

Oxygen masks were deployed and it descended to 6,000 feet and before attempting the emergency landing, the flight had to circle for almost an hour to balance the fuel.

An SIA spokesman said that a total of 234 passengers and 17 crew members boarded the flight. He also added that there were no reports of injuries.

At the Changi Airport when the plane landed at around 2.30 am, emergency vehicles were standing to receive the aircraft.

After the change of aircraft, it departed from Singaporean soil at around 5.30 am. The flight is scheduled to arrive in Paris at 11.42 am.

A passenger posted a picture of a notice, issued by the SIA for their customers, which stated that the agency apologised for the delay due to technical problems and all the passengers from Flight SQ336 were advised to stay at the new departure gate as the authority was arranging the next available flight soon.