Singapore: E-scooter driver faces legal charges for causing head injury of 45-year-old woman

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A electronic scooter driver, who knocked down a 45-year-old woman causing head injury in Bedok Reservoir last week, attended the court hearing on Friday. The accused, Muhammad Sha'if Jumadi was charged with causing hurt by a rash act.

Reports stated that during the initial investigation police came to know that Sha'if hit the woman in Block 151, Bedok Reservoir Road, at about 6 pm on Wednesday, March 7 as he could not stop his device on time.

After the incident, the 23-year-old accused called the ambulance and fled from the location.

The injured woman, who was identified as Goh Lay Yong, was taken to Changi General Hospital almost 4.5 km away from the accident spot.

Goh said in the police statement, that every day she crosses that overhead bridge while going to work. But on the day of the accident, when she was going home and just stepped off the bridge, suddenly an e-scooter came and hit her from the back.

Police said that officers from Bedok Police Division identified the suspect after reviewing footage from police cameras. The officials arrested the accused on Wednesday, March 14 from Bedok North Street 3.

During the trial, Sha'if was not represented by any lawyer. He was offered a bail of $10,000 and will be back in court on April 13.

According to Singapore law, if the accused is found guilty of causing grievous hurt while riding the e-scooter in a rash manner, he can face a jail term of up to four years and a fine up to $10,000.

This is not the first case where an e-scooter driver faced a charge for rash driving. Earlier, in March Qin Jian, a 32-year-old logistics manager was fined S$2,500 for causing injuries to a boy after driving his e-scooter in a very negligent manner.

During the hearing the accused who is a Chinese national admitted driving carelessly near a lift at the void deck of Block 607, Clementi West Street 2 on July 05, 2017 which resulted in the accident.

In January 2018, Singapore police arrested another e-scooter driver, 34, for causing injuries at Chinatown MRT Station after performing a rash act.

In this case, police said that they received a complaint that a Taiwanese tourist has been knocked down by an e-scooter at around 4 pm on Saturday, January 27.

This article was first published on March 16, 2018