Singapore drivers be aware: Digital Tachnograph is on its way to track rash drivers [VIDEO]

Speed limit

Digital Tachnograph

Almost every week Singapore residents share videos on their social media handle that had captured road accidents in the city. But, the Ministry of Home Affairs has decided to step ahead to prevent such fatal accidents by using a new technology.

Traffic accident data showed that in 2017 there were 10 fatal accidents that took place on Singapore roads and three of them were caused by heavy vehicles. In the same year, 18900 traffic violations were committed by the drivers of such vehicles.

The Ministry of Home Affairs has posted a 1 minute 15 seconds long video, with a title, "Things you need to know about the Digital Tachograph." The video stated that the top three traffic violations by heavy vehicles include speeding, failing to keep left and breaking the red light.

The video further added that now to "curb and deter speeding by heavy vehicles, Traffic Police (TP) is conducting a trial of speed-tracking devices to track speeding in heavy vehicles," and the device on trial period is called Digital Tachnograph.

Digital Tachograph
Digital Tachograph Facebook grab

A traffic police from Singapore Police Force, ASP Alvin Pan could be seen in the video while describing how the new technology will work to detect speedy vehicles. The device will generate a slip where all the recorded details will be mentioned including the speed if any driver negates the driving rules.

However, Pan all urged all the drivers to play their part as a responsible road user and keep the roads safe.

This new technology will definitely help the traffic police to locate over speeding cases, which could cause a fatal accident. The country already has several strict rules regarding traffic violations as well as other crimes but this Digital Tachnograph will definitely make the roads safer.

This article was first published on July 16, 2018