Singapore: Director of TAC Contracts jailed 30 months for corruption

Ling was found guilty of giving corrupt payments to his clients after his company secured jobs with them.

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A Singapore court has sentenced the director of TAC Contracts to jail for 30 months after he was found guilty of corruption charges on 22 December. The Singapore-based company deals in waterproofing and general works industry.

Donald Ling Chun Teck pleaded guilty to six charges under the Prevention of Corruption Act on 24 October, reported Channel News Asia. Other than the charges of corruptly giving gratification, another 517 charges were taken into consideration during his sentencing, the Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau (CPIB) confirmed.

It was reported that Ling was found guilty of bribing his clients after his company secured jobs with them. His clients included managing agents, contractors and property agents. These payments were made as referral fees, commissions, or tokens of appreciation. According to CPIB, these payments were done in cash and mostly during personal meetings or by Ling's sales staff.

Prior to this case, Ling was charged with 121 counts of corruptly giving gratification to 31 employees, amounting to at least $145,353.00, on 29 June, said the Singapore government's agency.

These payments, it was said, were made in the interest to improve the business of TAC Contracts. It was further reported by the agency that the director also faced 416 charges of corruptly giving gratification, with common intention, together with one of his 12 sales staff.

The total amount of the gratification came up to at least $316,281.10. At least 76 employees, from various organisations, were benefitted from these payments. It was done solely to secure contracts with the receiving companies.