Singapore: Brilliant Deepavali themed trains enthrall Little India neighbourhood [PHOTOS]

Singapore's Land Transport Authority comes up with brilliant Deepavali themed trains and buses, all set to run in the Indian neighbourhood 'Little India'.

Diwali 2017 is set to unfurl a whole new world of colours and vibrancy to Singapore. This year's Diwali or Deepavali will be a special affair for all as the city-state has returned with Deepavali themed trains once again, this year. The additional treat? Well, there will be five buses, decorated with rangoli motifs and diyas or lamps as well as bright flowers.

"Celebrate the Festival of Lights with your own unique Deepavali commute this year! Our #Deepavali themed trains and station are back with a different but equally stunning decoration - featuring majestic elephants and rangoli motifs that symbolise luck," wrote Singapore's Land Transport Authority on Facebook.

Land Transport Authority, part of Singapore's Ministry of Transport has returned with their Deepavali-themed trains for a successful second year running. They have come up with festive trains portraying images of diyas, lotus flowers, rangolis, elephants and much more. What's more exciting is that the Deepavali fever has not just attacked trains but an entire train station and five buses. The trains and buses will remain decked up for the whole of October.

Indians in Singapore need not feel away from their native as authorities have already bucked up to make them feel at home. The trains and buses are set to run primarily throughout Singapore's Indian neighbourhood 'Little India'.

This whole venture is a collaborative effort by Little India Shopkeepers and Heritage Association and SBS Transit Ltd. In this gallery, IBTimes Singapore has compiled a series of images of a spectacularly decorated Singapore for the grand celebration of Deepavali.