Singapore: 2 people injured in accident on Yishun Avenue 1

Two cars, a McLaren and a taxi, were involved in the mishap.

Singapore Car Accident Representational Image
Representational Image Car Crash Singapore Pixabay

An accident took place on Yishun Avenue 1 of Singapore early on Sunday, October 22. Two cars, a McLaren and a taxi, were involved in the mishap. Both the drivers have been injured.

Two ambulances were seen at the accident site. However, no fatal injury has taken place. The 56-year-old taxi driver and 27-year-old car driver were conscious when they were taken to Khoo Teck Puat Hospital, reported Stomp.

The red McLaren car's right side was completely damaged and the blue Comfort cab had half of its right side missing.

The incident was reported by people passing by, on the Singapore Taxi Driver's Facebook page. Photos of the scene show that the vehicles have been badly damaged, with ripped metal frames and dented sides.

Accident on Yishun Avenue 1
Accident on Yishun Avenue 1 Screengrab from Facebook

A police spokesman told Stomp that they were informed about the accident at 3.59 am. They are now investigating the cause of the accident.

A Facebook video, posted by Patrick Tan, shows the condition of the site after the accident had taken place.

This incident adds to the slew of accidents that have lately been taking place in Singapore. On Friday, a 41-year-old woman suffered injuries to her forehead and right arm on after her e-scooter hit a car near Serangoon Road.

Last Tuesday, a forklift plunged into an elderly man's car, narrowly avoiding hitting him. A day before, another e-bike accident took place on Upper Changi Road. The elderly victim suffered severe head injuries and was taken to the hospital.

Singaporean people have gained a reputation of being rash drivers and much more prone to cause accidents than drivers in the US, UK, Japan and Canada.

Check out the video of the Yishun Avenue accident, posted by Patrick Tan on Facebook.