Singapore: 3-year-old boy in stable condition after tragic accident near Depot Road

Boy hit by car
Boy hit by car Facebook

A three-year-old child was injured and taken to hospital after the boy ran towards the road and was hit by a car near Depot Road. The father of the boy said he is currently out of danger.

This accident happened at around 6.30 pm on Saturday, October 5 and the police were alerted to the case at around 10.30 pm. Singapore police are currently investigating the case.

As per the videos, uploaded to the District Singapore Facebook page, the boy was with a woman and both of them were walking along the pavement outside Sri Ruthra Kaliamman Temple.

In the video, it was clear that the three-year-old child ran behind a parked car onto the two-lane road, with a woman chasing him.

The video showed that a red colour car knocked him down and continued to move with the boy underneath it. After the car moved away, the woman broke into tears and rushed to check the boy, who tried to get up. She pulled him up but as per the video, it can be seen that the boy was having some difficulties while standing up on his feet.

Later the boy was taken to the National University Hospital for injuries at about 7.15 pm. As per the reports, the boy is currently in a stable condition.

Sri Ruthra Kaliamman Temple's president, Veerappan Alagappan, who came to know of the incident after the video was out, told The New Paper that the father of the child said he "is doing okay".