Shocking Video Shows Two London Train Passengers Clash Over Wearing Mask Inside

A heated confrontation ensued between two passengers after one of them called out the other for not wearing a mask

A video of two men fighting over wearing of mask in a packed train in London emerged on social media. The fight broke out after one of them called out the other for not wearing a mask.

The incident happened at a train in south London, when the man, who wore a black jacket, confronted the other – wearing a yellow jacket – for not wearing a face-covering mask in public. A heated confrontation ensued and the one in the black jacket pushed the other man, though he himself was not wearing it properly.

"You've got a problem with me, you are looking at me, I asked you the question," he shouted at the one in yellow jacket.

Following this, the second man challenged the first man to "get off at Streatham Common" and "shut your mouth." He then proceeded to make a lewd gesture to the man in black jacket and called him a "w*****" before kicking his legs.

The two men then began hurling punches and fell to the ground. The man with the yellow jacket could be seen on top of the other man yelling at him. This appeared to have shocked the other passengers who then intervened and tried to pull them.

It is mandatory to wear a mask in public in London. Social media is quick to denounce the behavior of both men and said they should not have acted so aggressively in public.

coronavirus face mask
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"Two grown men acting like kids they should shut the fu*k up and have some respect for the people around them I feel.sorry for the lady's on the train if you have a problem sort it out somewhere else," one Facebook user wrote.

"Both should be fined £10.000 and given 1000 hours community service! That will stop people acting like d*** heads! Don't put them in prison why should we the tax payers pay for their holiday camp!," another social media user said.

Fights over wearing or not wearing a mask have been reported across the world. People who oppose said they did so because it infringed on their human rights. However, there have been some cases where mask supporters have been called out for their vigilantism.

However, the WHO and healthcare experts across the world have been urging people to wear a mask in public places and maintain a safe distance from others to avoid getting infected with the coronavirus.