Shocking Video Captures Texas Man Using Racist Word 'Ni***r' While Threatening Protesters with Chainsaw

A man in a viral video, threatening protesters with chainsaw has been detailed by the local police

A Texas man jumped out of his four-wheeler and threatened peaceful protesters with a chainsaw. During this extremely disturbing incident, the man used the word 'ni***r.' After a video of the incident was shared on Twitter and other social media platforms by many netizens, the local authorities arrested the man on Friday.

The incident happened during demonstrations over the death of George Floyd, an African-American Minnesota man who died in police custody, in the border town of McAllen. The video taken from a cellphone showed an unidentified man, pulling his chainsaw from the back of his blue truck and walking into a small crow of protesters while shouting at them.

Video of the Incident Revealed it all

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Man threatens protesters Twitter/ @michaelschweitz

As per the video, when the man approached the crowd, the protesters tried to escape the scene, while one of them heard screaming 911. But, it seems nothing affected the man, who yelled at the protesters to "go home" and "move" while repeatedly revving the chainsaw to scare them.

"Don't let those f*****g ni****s out there fool you," he shouts and said that '"Don't let those f******trash antifa bulls*** people fool you."

"Don't let these pendejos right here," the Texas man continued, using a Spanish slur that means idiot.

"Don't let these f****** a******* lie to you! Don't let them lie to you!"

Antifa is a term that denotes a broad spectrum of groups and individuals of far-left or anarchist tendencies. The term itself means anti-fascist. However, a few days ago the U.S. President Donald Trump promised on Twitter that the government will be "designating ANTIFA as a Terrorist Organization". But in reality, there is no legal authority to make such a move for a domestic group.

Video Went Viral

An eyewitness of the incident told The Monitor that when the man with the chainsaw started to yell at those people "I think that the exact point they were trying to make is that they didn't think that Black Lives Matter was necessary here, but I think he disproved his own point by violently attacking people that were walking on the street."

However, later in some of the tweets, along with the video, netizens revealed the name of the man- Daniel Pena. McAllen police chief Victor Rodriguez later stated that they have identified the man and detained him. The further investigation of the incident is still going on, said the police chief.