SHOCKING: Uganda Man Kills Lion with Bare Hands Before Skinning and Cooking it for Dinner

A man in Uganda killed a lion with bare hands in a fight to death and cooked it for dinner.

A man in Uganda has killed a lion with his bare hands in a combat to death and later skinned the animal to cook it for dinner. According to a report published in Daily Star, shocking photos of an injured black man with scratch marks on his body have emerged on the internet that reveals how the man could have wrestled with the animal in a combat that could have led to his death.

The intense wrestling between the man and lion in Uganda started after the big cat reportedly entered his home, as locals have claimed. The lion killer who name is not yet known has been photographed topless and looked severely injured in the photo that has gone viral on the internet. The man's blood can be seen seeping through his bandages.

While his injuries went unreported, graphic photo shows a he had a dislodged eye patch and scratches all over his body which leaves us to only imagine what could have been the outcome of the brutal man vs animal fight.

Man kills lion
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The bloody combat left the man needing bandages all over his body.

"A man from CMS lganga district eastern Uganda is nursing wounds after fighting a lion he met near his home and killed it," a Twitter user who goes by the name Ricky Kagino tweeted on Friday.

Some sources claim that the incident took place at the Mpefu Kagadi district while another social media user going by the name of Tewsige Judith commented on Kagino's tweet with more photos including one of the dead lion skinned. "My dear it was in Mpefu Kagadi district and we ate it," the user said.

However some even debated whether the man was right to kill the animal. "I say its fair, lions eat humans... why don't humans return the favor? Plus I'm pretty sure the man wouldn't attack the lion first, so he killed her lion out of self defense," wrote one person on Twitter.

"Y'all saying he did wrong are just being hypocritical. If you were in his position you'd do the same," the user wrote supporting the daring lion killer from Uganda.

This article was first published on April 10, 2022