SHOCKING! Stockholm mother's breast implant falls out after two weeks of surgery

Weeks after the surgery in Turkey, a Swedish woman's breast implant was blotched and fell out of her chest

A Stockholm woman's breast implant was blotched and fell out of her chest after two weeks of the surgery. The clinic which conducted the implant was found on Instagram by the woman, was located in Turkey. The woman paid nearly $6700 for her surgery. After weeks into getting her second breast implant, her implants fell out of her chest.

Angelica Isaksen is a mother of two young boys from Sweden. The 27-year-old mother was desperate to get her body in shape for bikini competitions chose the clinic which was supported by celebrities across the globe.

Angelica Isaksen
Angelica Isaksen, mother of two had blotched implants. Instagram @angelicaisaksen

Several surgeries during her stay in Turkey

The woman who claimed to be unsatisfied by the post-pregnancy body got several surgeries done during her stay in Turkey. She did a tummy tuck, Brazilian butt lift and breast implants during the six-day stay.

Within the days of her stay, she had experienced uncomfortable feeling in her right breast which ballooned and throbbed in pain. The clinic told her that it would turn back normal after a few days. After Isaksen had returned to Sweden, she saw that the scar underneath her right breast had turned red and was opening up. She removed her implants soon after she saw the aftermath and is back to a B-cup.

Isaksen has since then warned her friends and other women from conducting budget surgeries for enhancements. She has been unable to look after her children because she is suffering from highly infectious infection in her body because of the surgery.

Similar cases at Turkey clinics

Earlier last year, another case was reported about a budget implant going wrong. The mother was dressing her child when her implants tore out of her body. Such gruesome aftermath of implants have been detected only from surgeries that were conducted in these budget clinics in Turkey.