Prince Harry's social media account name revealed

Prince Harry
Prince Harry Reuters

In terms of using social media, several rules and regulations are applied to celebrities, including royal family members. But avoiding the addition of social media or rejecting to be a part of the digital world is not possible for many and Prince Harry could not exclude from it. He has opened social media accounts by using fake names.

Reports stated that Harry, who is going to marry his girlfriend Meghan Markle soon, has used a fake name to explore the world of social media while ensuring that no one will identify him.

The Prince used the name 'Spike Wells' to run his social media account until 2012. Reports from The Telegraph showed that his nickname was Spike and maybe that is why she chose such username.

"Spike Wells" is a name of the Facebook user, who apparently had more than 400 friends. The friend list of the account holder includes some of Britain's richest young men and women.

However, this account was deleted from the social media platform after the Las Vegas scandal, which involved Prince Harry's naked images at a hotel.

Now, there are royal family accounts on Twitter and Instagram, named "Kensington Royal", which represents the elder brother of Harry, Prince William and wife Kate Middleton.

As per the tradition and rules of the royals, Kensington Palace said that Meghan had closed her Instagram, Twitter and Facebook accounts in January - ahead of her May wedding to Prince Harry, reports IANS.

But now insiders claim Markle is suffering from withdrawal symptoms from social media and is missing the online community, reports "She is missing her friends and also the wider circle she had on social media," sources said. "She's finding things harder than she thought and it will take time to adjust."

The former "Suits" actress had 350,000 followers on Twitter, 800,000 on Facebook and a whopping 1.9 million on Instagram.

Reports stated that Princess Eugenie of York, who is the younger daughter of Prince Andrew, Duke of York, and of Sarah, Duchess of York, has become the first royal to have a personal social media account. Earlier in March, she launched her own Instagram account on International Women's day and as of now, she has 32.7 k followers.

This article was first published on March 22, 2018