SHOCKING: Man spits on nurse's face at a parking lot calling her 'virus spreader'

A middle-aged man spat at a nurses face in a parking lot yelling obscenities at her by calling her a 'virus spreader'

As disgusting as it might sound, a middle-aged man walked right up to a nurse wearing her uniform at a parking lot and spat at her face calling her a ''virus spreader'' and continued to verbally abuse her in Waterlooville, Hampshire. The 28-year-old nurse Amy Hall, who is the Care Manager at Verina Daly Care was out to buy flowers for her mother before heading off to duty and was shaken by the man's unruly behaviour.

Trying not to confront the man as he might hurt her further, the nurse hurriedly walked up towards the flower store but the thug repeatedly followed her shouting obscenities. Luckily a few people who witnessed the incident ganged up against the man and he fled the scene.

He called me a 'virus spreader' for being a nurse: Amy

Nurse Amy Hall
ITV News

Nurse Amy Hall recalled the horrific incident and said, "I was walking through the car park and a middle-aged man tried to spit at me.'' She revealed that the man tried to attack her and continued saying, ''He didn't get me, but he tried to spit at me and said that I was a 'virus spreader', which obviously shocked me a little bit."

Amy stated that she feared for her life and didn't engage in a conversation with the man and just wanted to get away from his hateful gaze. "Being in my uniform, I didn't really engage much in that conversation, but a few other people did come over and speak to that man and I carried on and went into the store," she said to ITV News.

Assault against doctors, nurses and medical workers increase

Coronavirus Nurse Angel

The Director of Public Prosecutions said healthcare and emergency workers are repeatedly facing coronavirus related attacks on a daily basis and stressed on the fact that many people are deliberately coughing, spitting and verbally abusing the staff members in the pretext that they're carrying the virus with them, which is not true.

Just a week ago, Mirror Online reported how a healthcare worker was mugged at a bus stop while she was wearing her uniform and waiting for the staff vehicle to drop her off to the hospital for work. There was another report where a gang of thugs punctured all the four tyres of an ambulance and also vandalised cars belonging to NHS workers. Another NHS nurse revealed she used to commute to the hospital in a bicycle, as it was closer to her home but miscreants stole it and the police had to come forward and give her a replacement.

If stealing and vandalising was not enough, there has been several reports of people verbally abusing healthcare workers at a few shops left open during the lockdown, which includes chemists, supermarkets and on the streets. The National Police Chiefs' Council (NPCC) said more than 3,200 fines were issued in England and Wales.

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