SHOCKING: Man Rapes Stray Dog in India's Mumbai as Police Fail to Arrest Suspect [WATCH]

Moreover, animal activist Navin N is assisting the authorities in their efforts to arrest the person responsible for this disturbing act.

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An elderly man in Mumbai's Mumbra has been accused of having unnatural sex with a stray dog in the Azad Nagar area last week. The shocking incident was captured on camera by a vigilant citizen and subsequently shared with animal activists after an alert citizen recently saw the man engaging in the vile act.

People for Animals (PFA) took action by filing a First Information Report (FIR) against the accused at the Mumbra police station, as reported by Times of India (TOI). The video of the incident has since gone viral and police have initiated an investigation into the incident.

Extremely Disgusting

The alleged suspect Karim who was caught on camera having sex with a stray dog in Mumbai, India X

"The accused man, identified only as Karim', is in his mid-50s. An alert citizen had managed to get video evidence against the accused who was sexually assaulting the dog," Vijay Rangare, president of PFA-Mumbai, who is an honorary animal welfare officer, was quoted by TOI as saying.

"On September 10, we managed to lodge an FIR against the accused, but he is currently absconding," he added.

Additional information provided suggests that after the photograph of the accused was circulated in the Azad Nagar area, certain locals were able to identify him as a person named Karim.

However, Karim has been absconding since he was identified as the suspect. The police are actively engaged in efforts to locate and arrest the accused.

Moreover, animal activist Navin N is assisting the authorities in their efforts to arrest the person responsible for this disturbing act.

Search on for the Suspect

Stray dog
A stray dog in Mumbai X

A case has been registered at the Mumbra police station under Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC), which pertains to unnatural offences, and Section 11(1) of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960.

These legal provisions will be invoked to address the incident involving the accused's alleged unnatural acts with the stray dog and cruelty to animals.

"Please, always speak up when you see an animal being abused. For if you don't, maybe no one else will. Be the voice of someone who can't speak or defend themselves," Rangare added.

However, this isn't an isolated case. Over the past few years several incidents of bestiality have come to light in India.

A man was caught on CCTV raping a stray dog in Patna in India in one of the most disgusting acts of bestiality. The shocking incident reportedly happened on March 8, on the day of Holi. A video of the graphic act has since gone viral, with police now in hunt of the man who committed the heinous crime.

Earlier, a shocking video emerged that showed a man raping a stray dog in a park in New Delhi, India. The disturbing video was shared online, leaving animal activists and pet lovers shocked. Activists and social media users also accused Delhi police of not taking any action and filing a complaint in this regard.