SHOCKING: Dead Man in Kenya Comes Back to Life When Cut for Embalming in Morgue

Peter Kigen, 32, shocked onlookers as he started wailing when one of the workers sliced open his legs to start embalming.

A Kenyan man who was presumed dead after collapsing in home came back to life in the morgue when he was being prepared for embalming by the hospital workers. Onlookers were shocked and started screaming when Peter Kigen, 32, who was lying on a table in the morgue, suddenly woke up in pain as workers sliced open his legs to start embalming.

The incident has left the entire hospital staff along with Kigen's family members shocked. Now, a blame game has started between Kigan's family members and hospital authorities, with both parties claiming that the other was too quick in moving him to the morgue even before verifying if he was actually dead.

Dead Man Waking

Peter Kigen
Peter Kigen in his hospital bed after coming back to life YouTube Grab

Kigen had reportedly suffered a stomach ailment and was taken to hospital by his family after fainting in his house on Tuesday. His younger brother is quoted by located Standard that a nurse had told him the patient had died long before they arrived at the casualty department.

According to Denis Langat, Kigen's uncle, the hospital staff 'casually checked' on the patient before pronouncing him 'dead'. Without wasting much time, he was then transferred to the hospital mortuary where he was prepared to be embalmed by morgue attendants. "The nurse later handed me a document to take to the mortuary attendant before my brother's body was moved to the morgue," Kevin Kipkurui told the Kenyan media outlet.

As part of the process of preserving the body, one of the workers reportedly made an incision on Kigen's right leg to infuse chemicals but that is when the entire drama started. Kigan shocked onlookers as he started wailing, with morticians standing clueless about what to do next.

Celebration of Rebirth

As Kigan woke up from the bed in pain, the staff ran away as they thought the 'dead' man had 'been resurrected'. However, for the Kigan family the grave situation turned into a celebration in just four hours when medical staffers finally realized that he was very much alive.

"The mortician called me into the morgue and we saw him make movements. We were shocked," Kipkuriu said. He was later shifted to the hospital's casualty department where he received first aid, as he didn't have any serious ailments except for stomach pain.

After his incredible 'resurrection' Kigen said he is happy to be alive and has announced he intends to dedicate his life to evangelical work. However, a blame game has started between the hospital authorities and the Kegan family.

"We could not understand how they could move a person who is still alive into the mortuary," Kipkiriu said. Dr. Gilbert Cheruiyot, who initially declared Kigen dead, on the other hand said that the relatives were at fault. He blamed the incident on Kigen's relatives, who he said were too quick to move him to the morgue and "did not even wait for certification of death."

Till last reports, Kigen is responding well to treatment and is likely to be discharged within days. No investigation into the incident has been launched yet.