Shocked TikTok Influencer Films Plane Passenger Touching Her Breasts From Behind

A woman caught a fellow passenger groping her breasts from behind just shortly after boarding and before take off as she was travelling to California with her family on Spirit Airlines.

The woman, who was at the window seat, felt uncomfortable after the man placed his hands on her arm rest from behind and slowly touched her breasts.

The 18-year-old woman, who was horrified by what just happened, flipped out her phone and began video recording the man's movements and caught him on tape groping her.

Man Gropes Woman Breast on Plane TikTok
TikTok / Mobilesushibar

A day after the incident, the woman who goes by the handle of @mobilesushibar on TikTok posted a video showing the man placing his hands on her bust saying, ''On my flight to California, the man behind kept touching my arms and boob. The man was like 50-60s and I was so uncomfy,'' she said.

She revealed that in the video that she stood up and confronted the man for his unruly actions and showed the video to everyone seated nearby including the flight attendants. She said the crew removed the man from his window seat and made him sit at the back and replaced his place with another woman.

The video shows the man placed his hands at the gap between the window and the seat and was slowly moving his arms towards her breasts and when the woman moved, he placed his hand on the arm rest.

However, the TikTok user who had to face such an ordeal on flight revealed the flight attendants didn't take strict measures against the man but just made him sit elsewhere and stated that she was asked to ''stay quiet''.

She is heard saying in the video, ''And when I confronted him and showed the videos to everyone around me and the flight attendants, I was told to sit down and stay quiet.''

The video has gone viral on TikTok in less than 24 hours of its posting and garnered more than 500,000 views. The woman then shared a series of seven clips detailing the incident and all of them went viral on the video sharing app.

Spirit Airlines has not released an official statement about the incident and several TikTok users have began sharing their disgust on social media asking the airlines to take appropriate action against sexual harassment of its passengers.