Shannon Singh: 'Love Island' Star Was Once an OnlyFans Model Who Stripped Naked and Had Sex 8 Times a Day

Singh, who used the the alias Alexa Campbell, stripped naked on OnlyFans so that she could get "good food", "nice clothes" and "nice holidays."

'Love Island' star Shannon Singh was an OnlyFans model and once stripped completely naked on camera so that she could land herself a wealthy sugar daddy, it has been revealed. Images of the 23-year-old Scottish sex bomb has emerged wherein she can be seen slipping off her plunging gold jumpsuit and posing for a range of sizzling snaps in a kitchen.

The model also posted a clip online enticing rich, older men to date her so that she could go on luxury holidays and buy clothes. Singh's "sugar daddy" adult profile has been unearthed just 24 hours before entering the villa.

Shocking Revelations

Shannon Singh
Shannon Singh Instagram

Singh, whose dad was also a stripper, said she made "good money" from modeling on OnlyFans, the website best known for making X-rated performers rich. According to The Sun, Singh, using the alias Alexa Campbell, said that she was looking for "good food", "nice clothes" and "nice holidays" as she told her potential suitors: "You don't know what you're missing."

The video, titled Very Naughty A Casting Interview, has garned millions of views and have been shared on numerous porn websites since it was recorded. Singh reportedly said in the video: "I'm Alexa and I'm a page 3 glamour model looking for someone to spend money on me. I want good food, I want nice holidays, I want nice clothes. It's only a small price to pay for me."

The videos and photos of the Scot model now have once again gone viral after she entered Love Island. In the video she is seen bent over the kitchen tops wearing just a thong, and running her hands over her boobs, hips and bum.

An unknown cameraman then asks her "what she wants in return" for men lavishing her with money. "You can have whatever you want. I'm all here," Singh is heard saying.

"I actually want to be a very successful model and to be able to support myself, but I just can't do that right now, which is obviously why I'm looking for [someone]."

Showing Her Hot Body

After the cameraman asked her to show off her physical attributes for "our clients", she is said to have stripped naked, shielding her boobs with her hands. Blowing a kiss at the camera, Shannon is then said to have told the target of her video: 'You don't know what you're missing.'

That said, Singh is open about discussing her sex life and doesn't feel uncomfortable. She was approached by Love Island organizers to join the show after coming out of a long-term relationship and when a message popped up in her social media DMs she thought: "What have I got to lose?"

Before coming on Love Island, she quit OnlyFans as she had discovered that her fans have been trying to leak her racy pictures on the site, where she went under the name Alexa Campbell.

Taking about her sex life, she says she has been "sexually active". "I am very sexually active, I have sex like eight times a day. Not every day but I have a lot of sex. I am very sexually active. I had sex in the morning yesterday, then in a toilet, then in the afternoon," she said about her sex life on a BBC podcast.

"When I am in love with someone, I do have a lot of sex and that's normal and healthy in a relationship," she continued. Singh hopes being so open about her sex life will empower Asian women to "own their bodies" and believes entering the show will help break down "stereotypes" associated with her culture.

"I want to empower women and if I can stop the stereotype of Asian women and not owning who you are and being afraid to show your body and all this stuff, if I can be an advocate for that then of course I will be."