Shadow is here and BTS Army is going gaga over first comeback trailer by Suga

BTS has released the first comeback trailer of their upcoming album Map of the Soul: 7 and Twitter is getting flooded with messages about it

BTS has released the first comeback trailer of their upcoming album Map of the Soul: 7 and their fans across the globe called ARMY are going gaga about it.

Immediately after the release of their comeback trailer called Shadow, Twitter started getting flooded with numerous hashtags, including Shadow Is Here, Shadow Comeback Trailer, Beyond The Shadow and Shadow By Suga.

The trailer features a young South Korean rapper named Min Yoon Gi and his journey to fame as Suga. The video follows an ambitious Min Yoon Gi and it features the various challenges faced by him after becoming a popular rapper. The three-minute-long clip shows how people forget about Min Yoon Gi while chasing Suga.

Is Shadow just a comeback trailer?

The trailer not only gives a glimpse of the K-Pop boy band's comeback album, but it will also serve as the intro track to their new album that is scheduled for release on February 21, reported Soompi.

Throughout the trailer, Suga is the centre of attraction and some of the fans believe that the video is featuring his struggles as a popular K-Pop idol. They shared their views on Twitter.

The tweets ranged from, "It sounds so raw. Like everything he said comes from his whole heart and soul. Haven't read any translations yet but eye am hurt" to "Yoongi's song was so meaningful. You can tell that the boys have been struggling with the fame, but the way they describe it as a "shadow" and something they cannot escape.....I love them so much."

Check out some of the tweets about BTS' first comeback trailer Shadow below:


Meanwhile, a lot of BTS fans came forward to praise Suga for his work.

"I don't think I could survive so much talent, artistry, amazingness and quality in such short amount of time, SUGA really created music, HE IS MUSIC," a follower of the K-Pop boy band wrote.

"min yoongi is the fastest korean artist to hit 1M likes in only 30 minutes, so come again and say yoongi arent a king and you'll be walking without knees," another K-Pop fan tweeted.

Suga in Shadow
Suga in Interlude: Shadow YouTube

"This song is a masterpiece I'm honestly so proud to support such amazing artists min yoongi deserves all the praise for this legendary song #ShadowIsComing #Shadowishere #ShadowComebackTrailer," another person wrote.

"Oh my god Min Yoongi!!!!! I'm in school right now but I'm still streaming shadow. Rapper Yoongi is amazing but singing Yoongi is just EVERYTHING!!!!" a BTS fan tweeted.

Watch the first comeback trailer by BTS, titled Shadow, below:

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