Sexy even in sleep', Seo In Guk teases fans with comeback photos

"Shopping King Louie" star Seo In Guk has dropped a bomb; the actor-singer released an album jacket teaser of his comeback single, "BeBe."

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Seo In Guk
Seo In Guk has proved himself to be talented singer and actor Facebook/sigstyle1023

"Shopping King Louie" star Seo In Guk has dropped a bomb -- the actor-singer released an album jacket teaser of his comeback single, "BeBe." In line with the song's concept, which is supposed to be sexy and mature, the first look has the singer dressed in all black and sleeping on a woman's lap. Well, In Guk is sexy even in his sleep!

The song has lyrics by Seo In Guk himself and the composition is handled by MELODESIGN, Keeproots, Fascinating, Andreas Oberg, and Hani Alwani. The comeback single will be released on December 28 and In Guk will be performing the songs at his solo concert "Mint Chocolate" at YES24 Live Hall on New year's Eve.

Making his debut as a singer in 2009 after winning the first season of 'Superstar K,' In Guk made his acting debut through KBS drama 'Love Rain' in 2011. On talking about his biggest asset, he pointed out, "There isn't a big difference in how I approach people from opposite genders," Kpopstarz quoted Seo In Guk as saying in a recent interview. "Unlike men, though, I think women are attracted greatly to my slit-like eyes."

Earlier this month, when AllKpop asked him to choose between acting and singing, he said that he is often bombarded with these questions but he considers both as his career and he loves both acting and singing. "It's difficult for me to gravitate toward one more than the other. Even when I'm acting, I carry my computer around and work on music. I want to become an actor whose productions will get people to say, there are lives like that, when they watch me, and I want to become a singer who can tell people's stories," AllKpop quoted the actor.

In another interview with Seoul Economy, the actor-singer revealed that he is looking forward to the approaching 30s. "In art, in music, in everything, I think the more you experience, the more people can empathize with you. If I enter the army, I'll experience so much," Guk was quoted saying to Seoul Economy as reported by drama beans.

This article was first published on December 26, 2016