Sex toy sales surge in Denmark, US as more people stay home amid coronavirus

A study says that one in every four Americans was using sex toys more often after going into quarantine following the coronavirus outbreak

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Sales of sex toys have more than doubled in Denmark after people were asked to stay at home following the coronavirus outbreak. Not only the Danes, sales of sex toys have jumped considerably in the United States also as more people stay in quarantine as coronavirus continues to spread.

Also, in Denmark traffic has more than tripled on the country's biggest adult toy review website. In the United States, use of adult toys has increased among both men and women since they have gone into quarantine. Understandably, people are suing adult toys to break the boredom amid this coronavirus outbreak.

Danes kill boredom with sex toys

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Sex dolls are piled up at a factory in China, he leading manufacturer of sex toys (Representational Image) Reuters

Sinful, the biggest sex toy seller in the Nordics, said that sales of sex toys have more than doubled in after people in Denmark were advised to stay at home following the coronavirus outbreak. The first week of April saw sales surging 110% at Sinful. The company boasts one-third of the total adult toy sales in the country. "It makes me happy that we are doing something good during this difficult time, when people feel vulnerable," said Mathilde Mackowski, co-owner of Sinful

Also, the country's biggest sex toy review website witnessed a traffic jumping more than thrice during the lockdown compared with year-ago figures. Majority of the surge in sales of sex toys happened over the past seven days after the country announced lockdown on March 11. Not only Denmark, Sinful said that the spike in online sales surged in other countries like Norway, Sweden and Finland also, where the company supplies its products.

Sex toy sales jump in Europe

Per a Forbes report, men's sex tech brand MYHIXEL, a Spanish startup, said that it sold five times more devices in March than in February. Swedish Luxury brand LELO has also witnessed a 40% increase in sales since the beginning of social distancing and self-isolation. Also British brand Ann Summers said that sales are up 27% on a year-over-year basis.

Needless to say, with many parts of Europe including Italy and Spain completely locked down, it is expected that those practicing social distancing and self-isolation will show more interest in solo play. Adult toy retailer SH! Has also seen a 53% jump in its website users in late March.

Americans enjoying quarantine

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Per a survey conducted by CivicScience, a polling and research platform, one in every four Americans was using sex toys more often after going into quarantine following the coronavirus outbreak. Interestingly, according to the survey, of the 44% Americans reporting using sex toys more also said that they were have more frequent sex in general.

The survey found 28% unmarried people were using sex toys more often, while 26% comprised married. Understandably, staying quarantine has brought life to a standstill, which has seen a spike in the sales and use of adult toys during these times. While the rise has been astounding in Scandinavian counties, it must be mentioned that Danes are considered to be one of the "happiest" people in the world because of their progressive laws such as legislation of pornography way back in 1969.

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