Sept 23 last year? No, Oct 15! Now it's March 2018, says conspiracy theorist David Meade on Nibiru apocalypse

Nibiru YouTube
Nibiru as imagined by some YouTube video Screenshot: Channel Red Stone

Self-proclaimed Christian numerologist David who previously predicted the world would end on September 23 and October 15, 2017, has now sensationally claimed that the real apocalypse will be triggered on the spring of 2018. According to Meade, 2018 will also mark the rise of Antichrist causing massive destructions in all nooks of the globe. He added that North Korea will rise as a supreme power in March 2018, and their nuclear race with the US will also contribute a lot to the end of the world.

However, the numerologist did not predict an exact date in which the apocalypse will happen, and he made it clear that doomsday will be the result of a series of events.

David Meade even gave a list of solid reasons why he believes the apocalypse will be triggered on the spring of 2018. According to Meade, the Great American Solar Eclipse which happened in the United States on August 21 was the beginning of a tribulation period.

Interestingly, in an exclusive interview given to IB Times last year, Meade had said that the seven-year tribulation period had already begun on October 15, 2015. People are still unaware why a predictor like Meade is making contradictory statements regarding the date which marked the beginning of tribulation period.

David Meade called the officials in the United Nations a bunch of 'crazy people', and pointed out the date December 21, in which they voted Jerusalem not the capital of Israel. According to David Meade, this decision was followed 42 days later by the blood red blue supermoon.

Meade also made it clear that heavens will start burning when the mythical planet Nibiru approaches the Earth, and finally, it will knock our planet off its axis, causing massive devastation all around the world.

However, Meade assures that the reign of Antichrist will be limited to just 3.5 years on Earth. But within this time, the negative force will create nuclear wars, which will result in famine and chaos all around the globe.

Even though Meade has predicted a new apocalypse date, world's leading space agency has NASA not commented on this. Last year, when prophecies about world end spread panic among the general public, NASA has made it clear that prediction about Nibiru apocalypse is nothing but an "Internet hoax". Experts also claim that if Nibiru was real, then astronomers would have been tracking it for at least a decade.