Seo Hyun Jin talks about lip locking scene with Eric Mun

Seo Hyun Jin revealed it is fun to work with Eric Mun.

Seo Hyun Jin has revealed how it is to work with Eric Mun. During a wrap-up interview of tvN's Oh Hae Young Again, the 31-year-old actress said she is thankful to the drama who gave her the opportunity to befriend with the Shinhwa band member.

Hyun Jin stated that she had a gala time shooting with the 37-year-old Korean actor. Talking about her experience on exchanging romantic vibes with Mun on-screen, Hyun Jin told Soompi: "It felt like we were rehearsing action scenes instead of romantic scenes. If our chemistry doesn't match perfectly it will get awkward between us, so we rehearsed it very sincerely."

The Magic actress further added that Num is quite passionate about acting and would often come with innovative shoot ideas for the drama. She said: "He has very good ideas. He was the one who thought of the romantic scene in the last episode. He said that we should try different movements in order to highlight the fact that Jin Sang (Kim Ji Suk) is hiding."

Hyun Jin also gave some insight into her sensuous lip-locking scene with the Wolf actor. The singer turned actress affirmed that all her inhibitions were lifted over after the wall kiss scene. She said: "The wall kiss scene was so intimate that we became unstoppable after that."

Initially Hyu Jin kept a low profile at the shoot citing the fact that Num is a senior actor. However, all her hesitation waved off after experiencing fun times with Oh Hae Young Again's male lead.

Elaborating further: "At first, I thought that Eric was going to be blunt and difficult, but after seeing him in real life, he's really hospitable with good manners."

"In the drama, Hae Young speaks informally to Do Kyung as time passes, and I did that, too, in real life. But he accepted it all. I think he's become a very good friend. I feel more like he's my friend than my senior. I think that might be Eric's charm," Hyu Jin asserted.

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