Selection: The War Between Women episodes 13 and 14 official live streaming details

Selection: The War Between Women is just four episodes away from its finale and viewers can look forward to an intense battle in the upcoming episodes.

Selection: The War Between Women will be back with two new episodes this Saturday and Sunday, February 1 and 2, at 10: 50 pm KST. Episodes 13 and 14 will focus on an intense battle between King Lee Kyung and Minister Jo Heung Gyeon. The upcoming episodes may also feature a team-up between Prince Lee Jae Hwa and Minister Jo Heung Gyeon.

Korean drama lovers can watch both the episodes live online for free on TV Chosun. The seventh and eighth episodes of the mini-series will also be broadcast live on the official website of the broadcasting network. People from places, like India, China, Japan, Russia, Denmark, Canada, Singapore, the US and the UK, can watch the historical drama with English subtitles on February 2 and 3 through various streaming sites.

Will Kang Eun Bo meet her demise in episode 7?

Kang Eun Bo is the female protagonist, who is born to change the future of Joseon. She cannot die so easily. It was already predicted by the Palace priest that two twin sisters will be born in the Joseon Era and they will change the dynasty's future. Eun Bo's parents knew about it and that's why the twin sisters were kept in hiding. But the question is how she will change the future of the Joseon dynasty. Is it by helping Lee Kyung to be the people's King or by teaming up with the Prince?

As of now, Eun Bo has no plans to team up with the greedy Prince. However, viewers can always expect the unexpected in the story of Selection: The War Between Women. So, followers will have to wait until Saturday, February 1, to know more about the fate of Eun Bo. Until then, they can watch the first 12 episodes of the historical drama series online here.

Will Jo Heung Gyeon win over King Lee Kyung?

Selection: The War Between Women
Enemies will become friends in episode 13. YouTube/Screenshot

In the upcoming episodes of the Kdrama, viewers can also look forward to an intense battle between Minister Jo Heung Gyeon and King Lee Kyung. Since both the teams have lined up the strongest men in the country, it remains to be seen if the King will succeed in sending the greedy Minister behind bars.

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