US should prove coronavirus did not originate from their military lab, counters Chinese microbiologist

Conspiracy theorists in China also believe that United States has developed the novel coronavirus in a secret army laboratory

The first recorded case of novel coronavirus was reported in the Wuhan province of China, and later it spread to all nooks of the world, resulting in the death of 1,90,630 people, as of April 24.

But now, a microbiologist at the Chinese Academy of Sciences has shockingly claimed that the United States could be the potential origin of coronavirus.

Coronavirus leaked from a US army laboratory?

US behind coronavirus outbreak
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Microbiologist Shi Yi believes that a strain of the deadly coronavirus could have escaped from a US army laboratory in Maryland. As per Yi, speculations regarding American involvement are rising as authorities in the United States have not issued a public statement against this conspiracy theory. Yi claimed that American involvement in the coronavirus outbreak will be under scanner until the day United States authorities prove these allegations are false.

"Responding to viral reports alleging that the novel coronavirus was leaked from a US military biochemical laboratory, Chinese scientists said that they could not make a judgment on the allegation, as the US had not given any public response on the issue," said Yi, reports Chinese newspaper Global Times.

It should be noted that the Global Times is a Chinese propaganda media outlet that operates under the auspices of the Chinese Communist Party's People's Daily newspaper. Shi added that unveiling the origin of coronavirus is quite crucial to prevent a potential outbreak of another deadly pathogen in the future. He also made it clear that finding the exact origin of coronavirus requires extensive research and studies.

"Figuring out the origin of the virus will help prevent a similar pandemic and protect human society, and provide scientific support for humans to take targeted protective measures against the virus. The research requires mutual corroboration of the abundant biological information and epidemiological evidence available, which will take a long time and is full of uncertainty," added Shi.

Is America a primitive society?

A few days back, the Global Times, in one of its columns had claimed that the United States is a primitive society where the empire is falling due to the chaos created by the coronavirus outbreak.

The propaganda newspaper also added that coronavirus will mark an end to democracy in the United States. The newspaper also argued that the United States is incapable of containing COVID-19 which indicates that China is a superior health power.

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