School Teacher Uses Hidden Camera to Spy on Boys Showring at Top Boarding School

A school teacher named Thomas David Ball, 30, was caught using hidden cameras at the shower areas to spy on male students taking a bath. The cameras, not easily visible to the eye, were purchased on Amazon and hidden in bathrooms.

Thomas worked at the Queen Ethelburga's school, which is a prestigious institution in Warwickshire, as a senior housemaster and it is reported that he installed the spy cameras in 2018 and indulged in voyeurism.

Thomas David Ball
Twitter / North Yorkshire Police

Things came to light when Thomas instructed a pupil to take a shower after the teenage boy returned from registration and it is revealed that the teacher was ''infatuated'' with him. While showring, the boy noticed a few wires beneath the sink that led to a spy camera and the lights were on confirming that it was active and recording.

Though at first, the worried pupil informed hurriedly Thomas about a hidden camera placed in the bathroom. He began getting suspicious about the teacher as his body language and mannerisms were abnormal and later informed his mother about the incident.

That is when the mother informed the school authorities about the situation and when the management questioned Thomas about the suspicious activity, he opened up saying that it was him who placed the hidden cameras in the boys bathroom.

Thomas, who was recently promoted to a role of monitoring pupils' wellbeing, admitted to the school management that he made a really ''stupid mistake'' and handed over the sky camera to the staff. The school contacted the police and filed a complaint against Thomas.

When he realized the police is out to get him, Thomas hid a second spy camera, a tablet and a memory stick in his car boot, which was eventually busted by the police. To their shock the cops found sickening pictures of child pornography stored in his tablet which includes videos showing rape and torture of underaged kids.

The York Crown Court, after admission by Thomas that he recorded indecent images of children and downloaded prohibited images, sentenced him for 20 months in prison on March 18. The teacher is also placed on the sex offenders register for 10 years and ordered to curb his internet activities and thoroughly limit his contact with children.