Scantily Clad Woman on the Run After Drugging Miami Date's Drink and Stealing $600K Jewelry Including Diamond-Studded Rolex Watches [WATCH]

The man dialed 911 after he woke up around midday to find his safe unlocked, his jewelry gone, and the woman also nowhere to be seen.

A scantily clad woman allegedly drugged a Miami man she had just met and took off with more than $600,000 worth of jewelry, including two Rolex watches, police said Cops released photos of the scantily clad woman who is still on the run after robbing the man who met him at a bar.

The unnamed woman, in her 30s, first met the man at Wynwood's Dirty Rabbit pub on May 8. They later returned to his apartment at around 5.30 am. Police claim that the woman drugged his drink and stole his expensive items after he passed out. Police are now asking the public to help in tracing the woman.

Smartly Robbed after Befriending Him

Miami woman
The unnamed woman seen in the elevator exiting the apartment complex with two Solo cups in her hand that are believed to contain her DNA Twitter

Police believe both the man and the woman to be in their mid-30s. The suspect's unidentified date was talking to her and having his drink but he soon passed out after just one drink.

The man dialed 911 after he woke up around midday to find his safe unlocked, his jewelry gone, and the woman also nowhere to be seen.

Among the expensive items she allegedly stole were a diamond-encrusted Rolex Daytona Rainbow and a Rolex Sky-Dweller as well as a gold chain, Franco Gold bracelets, Cartier sunglasses and a rose gold diamond ring.

Police have launched a massive manhunt but so far have been unsuccessful in making any arrests. The

Seasoned Criminal

Given that the woman is yet to be identified, it is not known if she has a past criminal history but video footage obtained from the apartment indicates that she is a seasoned criminal and took every precaution to evade the police.

Miami woman
A close up of the woman as she fled the apartment after robbing her date Twitter

Surveillance footage from the apartment complex shows the woman in the elevator both when she enters with the man and when she leaves alone with all the jewelry.

She is seen holding two blue Solo cups as she hastily leaves the scene. Investigators believe that she was carrying the two cups because they were found to contain both her DNA and the drugs that were used to put the victim to sleep. She smartly removed the evidence.

Miami woman
The woman seen entering the elevator to go to the victim's room Twitter

"Now sometimes you might say, 'Oh, well she's just leaving with a Solo cup.' No. She's taking the Solo cup that she drank because it has her DNA.

"She's taking his Solo cup because it has not only his DNA, but it also has whatever drugs she put in," Officer Michael Vega, an MPD spokesman, said, according to WSVN.