SBS Drama Awards 2019: Date, venue, host, live stream details and more

From date and host to nominations and live stream details, here is everything you need to know about SBS Drama Awards 2019.

The countdown for SBS Drama Awards 2019 has officially begun. The star-studded event will be held on New Year's Eve and it is likely to feature some of the best performances of K-drama stars live onstage. During the star-studded awards show, several off-screen and on-screen talents from the industry will also be recognized for their outstanding contributions.

SBS being one of the most popular Korean broadcasting networks with high quality shows, the annual awards show is among the most awaited television shows of the festive season. The producing director Min Eui Shik has already heightened the curiosity of Kdrama lovers world-wide by teasing a fun-filled program with high-quality stage shows.

SBS Drama Awards 2019
SBS Drama Awards 2019 will be held on December 31. SBS

What is SBS Drama Awards?

It is an awards show held every year as part of the SBS Drama Festival. During the star-studded event, the talents behind successful shows and drama, including presenters, actors , producers and writers, will be recognized for their outstanding performances.

When and where to watch the 27th annual award ceremony

The event will be held at the SBS Prism Tower in Seoul on December 31 from 9 pm KST onwards. The broadcasting network will be streaming the event live in Korea. People from other parts of the world, including China, Japan, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore and India, can watch the award show live online here.

Who are going to host the awards show this year?

The 27th annual SBS Drama Awards will be hosted by popular television show host and comedian Shin Dong Yup. He will be accompanied by singer-cum-actress Jang Nara. Though it will be a first time experience for Jang Nara, Dong Yup has been hosting the awards show for the last two years along with other popular South Korean celebrities. According to program director Eui Shik, the collaboration between Nara and Dong Yup will make the show worth watching.

Who are the nominees for this year's SBS Drama Awards?

The Korean dramas vying for honors this year could be Revenge is Back, Hatch, I Love You Early, VIP, Big Issue, Doctor, Never, Secret Boutique, Dignity of the Empress, Vagabond, A Zealous Priest, Mung Bean Flower, Destiny and Anger, Gangnam Scandal, Suspicious Mother-in-Law, Would You Like to Taste, 17 Years Old and Hip-hop King-Nasuna Gil. Since the nomination list is yet to be released, Kdrama lovers will have to wait a little longer to know more about it.