SBS comedy program Comedy Hunter to terminate soon, comedians express their concerns

The comedians claimed that SBS is planning to terminate the program altogether

Popular SBS comedy program "Comedy Hunter" has announced its plans to end the show. It will reportedly air its last episode on May 31.

According to Soompi, the show runners hinted of coming back by saying, "We are planning a comedy program with a new format. The airing date and details of the upcoming season is to be determined."

However, the comedians claimed that SBS is planning to terminate the program altogether. In fact, this left all the comedians sad and worried about the issue who are struggling hard to get in the spotlight.

Some of the well-known comedians even expressed their concerns about the same. Senior comedian Jung Jong Chul said, "I'm deeply saddened by the discontinuation of 'Comedy Hunter' on May 31. Comedians who longed to make Korea laugh are now on the brink of dissolving."

It was deeply hurting for the comedian that he pleaded saying, "Please do not take away the stage for younger comedians. I beg of the SBS producers to give them a chance."

Similarly, comedian Yang Sang Gook said, "So far the politics [in Korea] have been entertaining, so comedians may have been less so. But I can't believe this is happening when political affairs are no longer comedic. Please help us preserve stand up comedy."

Apart from them, other comedians like Lee Sang Hun and Kim Gi Ri too expressed their disappointment about the issue stating, "Comedians put in a tremendous amount of effort every week for each stage. There are rookie and existing comedians who are striving every day. Please support the revival of 'Comedy Hunter.'"

The discontinuation of 'Comedy Hunter' deeply saddened the comedians and they are being vocal about the same hoping that it would be heard. However, it is not known if the request of the comedians will change the decision made by SBS or not. It remains to be seen whether SBS discontinues the program altogether or comes back with a new format.