Satan Worshippers Comprising of Hollywood Stars Plotting Against Trump, Conspiracy Theorists Claim

Several QAnon believers claim that Donald Trump is secretly waging a war against satan worshippers who drink baby blood

As the United States is all set to witness a historic presidential election on November 03, a section of pro-Trump conspiracy theorists has bizarrely started claiming that the United States president is secretly waging a war against Satan-worshipping politicians and Hollywood stars who drink the blood of babies, as a part of their ritual.

Conspiracy Theory Gaining Mainstream Attention

Known as the QAnon theory, people who believe in these outlandish ideas have been organizing rallies and Facebook events under the anti-pedophile Save the Children banner. Programs organized by these groups are receiving widespread popularity in recent days, and it is even getting mainstream attention.

Satanic pentagram
Satanic pentagram YouTube screen grab

Recently, when Donald Trump was tested positive for coronavirus, several QAnon believers, in online forums, had suggested that the president might have deliberately infected by shadowy people within the government. Several QAnon believers had already expressed their wish to organize a civil war if Trump fails in the upcoming election.

QAnon Group Mystery Continues

According to the recent estimates, there could be more than 1,50,000 hardcore QAnon believers in the United States. Even though this count is very few in a country like America, their influence on social media platforms is making more people attracted to it. Recently QAnon group has been successfully garnering public attention , as they cleverly make use of their anti-child trafficking motto.

The political influence of QAnon group in the Republican party is also increasing every day. Even Donald Trump had also revealed that people of QAnon group like him very much.

In the meantime, a section of religious conspiracy theorists has started claiming that Donald Trump's 2020 election win will fulfill a Biblical prophecy. According to these conspiracy theorists, humanity is currently going through the end times, and the recent events in the world that include the coronavirus outbreak is the sign of an imminent apocalypse. They also believe that the upcoming presidential elections in the United States will be the last and final election in the country, as the world will be doomed soon.