Sasha Obama Lip-Syncs Abusive Song with N-Word in Viral TikTok Video; Netizens Back Her

Sasha Obama raised a stir on the social media after her TikTok video of lip-syncing a profanity laden song with N-word went viral. The daughter of former US President Barack Obama, created the viral video with her friend, but it was deleted soon after. Despite the song being filled with abusive lyrics, netizens came out in support of the younger Obama sibling.

The viral video, which was uploaded on Twitter after being deleted on TikTok, has been viewed over 1.3 million times. The 19-year-old is a student at the University of Michigan.

sasha Obama
sasha Obama in viral TikTok video. Twitter

Sasha Obama Grooves on the 'Abusive' Rap Song

The video was originally posted on TikTok by user @Cakethatsmg. However, it was deleted soon after several users recognized Sasha Obama lip-syncing Moneybagg Yo's song 'Said Sum'. However, before being deleted the video found its way on the micro-blogging site.

"All these n****s wanna f**k JT / Hellcat, this a SRT,' Sasha lip-syncs the lyrics from the song along with her friend. She is seen grooving to the song as she sings along while pointing her manicured fingers towards the camera, reported Daily Mail.

The second daughter of the former US President wore a brown zip-up sweatshirt over a black midriff-revealing top and jeans. Sporting a full-face makeup, Sasha tied her hair in a pulled back look. She completed her look with various pieces of jewellery including necklaces and rings. Sharing the video on Twitter, user @ternjerler wrote, "Am I crazy or is this Sasha thee Obama."

Twitter Warms Up to Lip-Syncing Sasha Obama

Despite the song being laden with expletives and n-word, the netizens, barring a few, backed Sasha. "Seeing that video of Sasha Obama on tiktok rappin City Girls just really warmed my heart,' tweeted a user, as other added, "Sasha Obama would be famous even if her dad wasn't Barack."

Claiming that Sasha was doing just fine, a user tweeted, "Sasha Obama is 19 dancing around making Tiktoks and singing them dirty rap songs. Do you know what I was doing at 19? Ecstasy. Like 5 times a week. And smoking maritheejuana... and drinking Puckers and Wild f*****g Turkey all the time. She is doing just fine."

"Sasha Obama a whole college student and her pops ain't been in office in 4 years. She should be able to post on social media whatever she want to be honest. This don't hurt nobody,' wrote another.