Sarahah messages: Check out top 5 best anonymous messages

Among this soaring popularity, IBTimes Singapore has handpicked top 10 best Sarahah messages on the internet.

Logo of Sarahah app

A new messaging app named Sarahah created by Saudi developer ZainAlabdin Tawfiq is taking the internet by storm lately. There have been tons of instant messaging apps out there across the globe, including Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram, etc. but this app is on pace to disrupt social media by giving users anonymity to confess their true feelings to others.

There have been many instances when we all have wanted to share something with our close ones or tell our friends or our bosses about their annoying habits. But, unfortunately most of us couldn't do this face to face due to lack of courage. However, now it seems that you can express yourself through this app.

In Arabic language, Sarahah means honesty. Just like its name suggests, Sarahah is designed to get "honest feedback from your friends and co-workers."

Sarahah has become so popular that the app was on top of Apple App Store in over 30 countries in July, gaining 2.5 million users in Egypt, 1.7 million in Tunisia, and 1.2 million in Saudi Arabia, since its launch in February. The app has also become extremely popular on Snapchat with people linking their Sarahah profiles to Snapchat Stories. BBC reported that the app already has over 300 million users.

The inventors claim that the concept of creating Sarahah is to help people discover, "strengths and areas for improvement by receiving honest feedback from employees and friends in a private manner."

The app usage is very simple. One has to register on Sarahah app and share the username with friends. Once the link is shared, people will be able to send you anonymous messages. However, there is no way to reply to those messages, and you can't find out sender's name unless he includes it. Among this soaring popularity, IBTimes Singapore has handpicked top 5 best Sarahah messages on the internet.